Baldur's Gate Wiki

DARTMEL.ITM, also known as Bone Dagger, is an undroppable weapon that is used by the game to represent Amelyssan's throwing weapons.


Base attacks per round are set to 5 with DARTMEL equipped. However, this does not have any practical effect in game, as Amelyssan already has 5 attacks per round by default.

Each hit from DARTMEL will deal an additional 1d6 cold damage and inflict the following effects on the target:

  • Disease: 1 dmg/s for 5 rounds, no save, can be blocked by magic resistance
  • Stun: Lasts for five rounds, save vs Spell at -2 penalty to negate, can be blocked by magic resistance

The disease effect is cumulative, meaning that multiple hits from Amelyssan's darts will lead to multiple disease effects running, each dealing 1 damage per second.


Amelyssan only has 40 "Bone Daggers". Once depleted, she will switch back to her spear and will no longer be able to use ranged attacks, though may still choose to employ her magic from range. However, after beginning a new phase of the fight, her stock will be replenished to 40 once again.