Cyrdemac is a man whom Areana wants to have killed so that he won't tell anyone about their meeting in the Undercellar. If Gorion's Ward asks him to stop bothering the noblewoman, he will attack. You may also charm him, he'll confess his deeds and suggest you fake his death and blackmail Areana for money, which is a possible route with or without hearing his suggestion.

Dialogues[edit | edit source]

If charmed:

My name is Cyrdemac. At the moment I am blackmailing a woman named Areana. She had a tryst in the Undercellar that she does not want to be public knowledge. You know what I suggest friend? Why don't you go back to Areana, tell her that I'm dead, and then blackmail her with the threat of revealing her murderous inclinations? I'll be alive, and you'll have gold. We'll both win.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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