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Cure Disease is a 3rd level priest spell. It cures all diseases; additionally, it cures blindness, deafness, and feeblemind.


By laying [their] hands upon a sickly person, the caster can cure almost any disease with this spell. The cure is permanent, but does not grant the recipient of the spell immunity from further afflictions. Blindness, deafness, and feeblemind are also cured with this spell. Some magically created diseases may not be curable by this spell.


  • This spell will also cure the sleep effect from The Visage's Breathe Acid ability.


  • In the original Shadows of Amn, Cure Disease would only remove the portrait icon and the recurring damage of diseases; it would not undo their secondary effects (such as the THAC0 penalty from ghasts), which had to be waited out for their duration. This was fixed in the Enhanced Editions.

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