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Members of the Cultist Guard are fighter/clerics who keep a watchful eye on "the faithful" in the Cult of the Eyeless, and who warn away antagonists.

Bow down to the Unseeing Eye...quake before his holy gaze!

One accompanies Gaal in the Temple District as he gives his speech, while the remainder are found in the Cult Domain in The Old Tunnels.

Hold! Identify yourself, pilgrim!

When challenged by these guards, replying with hostility will cause everyone in the cult domain to attack the party, which will close off the Lower Reaches, the bottom of the Pit of the Faithless, Ghoul Town and the Beholder Hideout if Gaal's Key has not yet be acquired. For more detail, see Confronting Gaal on the quest walkthrough page.

" your death! I can take no more of this!"

"Brothers! Sisters! One of the faithless is among us!"

On the other hand, say, " but a worshiper of the Unseeing Eye, on a task for Gaal" and they will ignore you.

"Yes, Gaal has mentioned you. You would be better served to cast aside those evil orbs of yours, however. But Gaal has spoken...move along."

"Be careful, pilgrim! The faithless are everywhere!"


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    Cultist Guards are 10th level Clerics but have no priest spells, nor can they repulse undead. This is, perhaps, intentional because their "god" has no "real" divinity that is able to grant them "divine" spell-casting ability; or BioWare simply overlooked it.