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A Cultist in the Cult of the Eyeless is either a male or female cleric found exclusively in the Cult Domain of The Old Tunnels during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign.

You are nothing before my god.


In a cut-scene the party may witness an Initiation where one cultist asks a second cultist if he is ready to:

Cultist Initiation CutScene The Old Tunnels BG2

"...revoke the weakness of the sighted... the false power of sight and embrace the true vision of Holy Blindness?"

"I do...I revoke it. Take my foul sight master. Let the orbs and their poisonous sight be torn from my body! Let me be made pure!"

"So shall it be done! Be you pure of intent and you shall live. Cling to the foul sight and you shall die. Let it be done!"


"The Unseeing Eye is always here. He sees that you are not worthy and the blood at my feet proves it. Take him away. Throw the body down into the Pit of the Faithless."

"It shall be as you say," says an Elite Guard who then executes and casts the unworthy cultist down to his death at the Bottom of the Pit of the Faithless.[1][2]


Whether male or female, there is no real dialog, which is to say more of a monologue with no interaction; "programmed" propaganda precludes any party probes. Typical cult-like rhetoric includes:

"The Eye is the true god who exists among us! I have witnessed his coming and he is beautiful! All those who disbelieve shall be cast into the Pit!"

"Many have gone to the lower places and attempted to retrieve the Holy Artifact for the Unseeing Eye...but they were found to be unfaithful. I hope I am selected next! I will not fail my God!"

"My former life no longer has any meaning. I have devoted myself utterly to the service of the True God."

"You should be wary not to go into the great cave of the God, fellow believer. It is a dangerous place, even to the faithful! Only Gaal may go there."

"The faithless who cannot endure the removal of their eyes are thrown into the Pit of the Faithless...there, the demons consume them and they writhe in pain forever!"

"You still have your orbs! I can sense it! Cast them aside, faithless one, and witness the truth! Believe!"

"'Ware the Pit of the Faithless! Those who are unworthy are thrown down to be consumed by the demons!"

" eyes...the pain..."


  • Male cultists have random treasure from the well-off tier, while females have it from the average tier.
  • Another type of cultist (CltCut01.cre) initiates yet another cultist (CltCut02.cre).[1] These are level 10/10 Cleric/Mages with a full compliment of both Priest and Wizard spells. They too are worth 500 XP, carry only a quarterstaff and average random treasure, and share many of the same attributes. However, they disappear from the game quickly, perhaps precluding the opportunity for combat. Therefore, they are not listed here with their own InfoBoxes.


  • Shadows of Amn LOADCNTR00004 Icon SoABaldur's Gate II:
    Shadows of Amn
    This icon indicates content from the original Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign.
    Cultists are 10th level Clerics but have no priest spells, nor can they repulse undead. This is, perhaps, intentional because their "god" has no "real" divinity that is able to grant them "divine" spell-casting ability; or BioWare simply overlooked it.
  • Male cultists are equipped with LEATH04.ITM in the Armor slot, but it is not an item found in the game; perhaps a typo that was meant to be LEAT04.ITM (Studded Leather Armor). Females, however are equipped with Leather Armor.


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