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The Crypt King's Tomb is a non-descript Crypt located in the Athkatla Graveyard. There are no exterior clues as to what is inside. A doorway can be opened if the party desires to enter to explore it. The door is not locked or trapped.


The tomb is a single rectangular chamber with only the one door to enter/exit. A raised pedestal style sarcophagus lies in the center, with a molded or carved relief of a warrior in repose, with a large shield atop its torso. A longsword and axe are crossed by the figure's feet. There is a chest at the far end of the chamber resting on the floor.

Immediately upon entry is observed an undead being glaring upon thee - this is the Crypt King. See its page for details.



The stone lid has a locked mechanism. The lock can be picked or forced. Within is found Well off Random treasure.

The Chest[]

The chest is locked, and cab be picked or forced. Inside is found an item of Wealthy and Rich Random treasure.

Crypt King[]

If destroyed the Undead creature drops some armor, a Random Treasure and an enchanted sword named Namarra.