Baldur's Gate Wiki

The Crypt (near Stein) is a non-descript tomb located in the Athkatla Graveyard. There are no exterior clues as to what is inside. A doorway can be opened if the party desires to enter and explore it. The door is not locked or trapped; however, the door edges are sealed with some dried and cracked mortar being evident. A prybar will be needed to get enough purchase to open the tomb door. Clearly no one has entered this tomb in decades, that is certain.


The tomb is a octagonal chamber with a tall ceiling with only the one door to enter/exit. Smooth stone columns are visible at key junctions of the chamber to support the roof structure. A low-profile style sarcophagus lies in the center, with a simple molded rendering of a figure, coated in gold leaf.

The pungent smell of decay and corruption is immediately discernable when entering the sealed tomb. In the shadow is glimpsed the moving figures of the Undead, advancing toward the party. A Mummy and two Shadow Fiend creatures attack!

The sarcophagus stone lid can be shifted to one side and the contents examined. However, a small niche at the edge contains a keyhole to unlock it (lock difficulty 65). A Random treasure is within if the lid can be moved aside.

Mod content[]

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod adds a random scroll to the sarcophagus as part of the IWD spells component.