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The Crypt (near Arenthis & Risa) is a non-descript tomb located in the southeast corner of the Athkatla Graveyard. There are no exterior clues as to what is inside. A doorway can be opened if the party desires to enter and explore it. The door is not locked or trapped.


The tomb is a single square chamber with a tall ceiling with only the one door to enter/exit. Carved columns are visible at key junctions of the chamber to support the roof structure. A pedestal style sarcophagus lies in the center, with ascending steps at the base and a flaming oil brazier set atop the stone lid. there are molded carvings on the walls. Debris and piles of material are scattered about the chamber near the walls.

The sarcophagus is a container that can be opened, but it has a lock feature on it (with a difficulty rating of 36).

Within the container may be found a Random treasure and the Staff of Curing.

BG2EE content[]

As shown on the map artwork in the info box, one wall has a secret doorway (lavender discoloration). This will only be accessible if you have taken Clara from the Copper Coronet into your party and are undertaking the beginning stages of Hexxat's request. That doorway leads to Dragomir's Tomb. None of this is applicable to the original game.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

With the Quest Pack mod installed, as part of "The Tragedy of Besamen" component, the first time this tomb is entered will trigger dialogue with a zombie-like Undead creature who is actually Besamen, a soul not at rest and its plight to find eternal rest.