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Tee-hee hee!

— Crazy Celvan

Crazy Celvan is an odd little person. He can be found on the stairs above Mae'Var's Guildhall. Try speaking with him with each individual party member. Celvan may have individualized limericks for that specific companion. It may take several attempts to get anything out of him except for his bizarre laugh. He may also wander around, as if he can't keep focused. He may even disappear through a door, never to be found again. It's Crazy!


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At some point, he may give the party the "run-around" by literally running around the block, only to return, nearly, to his starting point. Instead of going back up the stairs, he may go in through the door to the upper floor of the guildhall; presumably, disappearing from the game. . . . Or, he might just as easily disappear into the city wall. In any case, once he's gone, he's gone . . . as if he wasn't already gone! "Tee-hee hee!"

Companion Limericks[]


"There once was an elf who could fly,
without wings she was sure she would die.
But soon she'll have found
that it is on the ground
that her true destiny does lie."

Aerie: " know of me? What do you know of my destiny?"


"There once was a man full of woes,
strong and mighty he smote all his foes.
Soon he'll take his Test,
to him it's no jest,
if he'll pass not even he knows."

Anomen: "Is this nonsense directed at me? What is this? Speak, man!"


""There once was an elf proud and fair,
men withered once under her stare.
But she loved one man true,
and he men do,
and now there is naught but grief there.""

Jaheira: "Are...are you speaking of me? And Khalid? How do you know of this, answer me!"


"There once was a knight pure of heart,
from his wife he is always apart.
Has his heart grown colder
as his deeds grew bolder?
What is finished can never restart."

Keldorn: "How dare you speak of my wife! How do you know of this? HOW?!"


"There once was a halfling so pure,
she's a paladin, as sure as she's sure.
If she's lucky one day
her goddess will smile and say
that the lack of one she'll no longer endure."

Mazzy: " do you know all of this?"


"There once was a warrior true,
with the sense knocked out of him, too.
but in a hamster he found,
some wisdom profound,
and now where goes he goes his Boo!"

Minsc: "Eh? You are speaking of me? How do you know this?"


"With no warning, a magical surging,
It comes regardless of urging.
Friends are burnt,
Yet lessons go unlearnt;
A new Neera will soon be emerging."

Neera: "A new Neera? Better than being an old and decrepit Neera, I suppose. But what do you mean about lessons unlearned?"


"There once was a man so afraid
that his soul was to be soon waylaid,
see, the wizard's returned
in his sphere, he has learned,
but has he learned if a soul can be weighed?"

Valygar: "How do you know about me? Tell me!"

Gorion's Ward[]

When it comes to the protagonist, at random he might just giggle again "Tee-hee hee!" . . . OR, he clams up quick!

"There once was a child of...of...
Oh my...

If asked, "What is it? How do you know so much about us?"

"I..I.. (giggle!) ..the gods speak! The speak and speak and speak and speak! To ME!! Hee hee..."

You can also threaten him, "Tell me what you know about us or I'll knock you from one end of this city to the other!!"


In either case, he will try to escape the area after this.


  • While Crazy Celvan Shadows of Amn LOADCNTR00004 Icon SoABaldur's Gate II:
    Shadows of Amn
    This icon indicates content from the original Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign.
    has the Appearance of a Halfling, his race is actually Gnome. Furthermore, his creature file does not specify Alignment... perhaps explaining why he's so crazy? Can't make up his mind what he is or how he thinks?

    "Tee-hee hee!"