The Cowled Wizards are an organization that places magic laws upon Athkatla.

The Cowled Wizards place strict laws where unlicensed wizardly spells are forbidden, and the casting of one will lead to the arrest of those involved. If they resist, they will be killed. After they are arrested they go on trial in a building in the Athkatla Government, where the leader decides what punishment they get. They can be executed or they may be sent to Spellhold, a magical prison.

Baldur's Gate II[edit | edit source]

The Cowled Wizards are first seen when Jon Irenicus uses illegal magic to kill three escaped prisoners. Six Cowled Wizards appear and attempt to arrest him, though Jon fights back and kills four of them. Eventually he lets himself be taken as he has no time for continuously fighting them, though he demands Imoen be taken prisoner as well, for she used a couple of Magic Missile spells on Irenicus. They are both taken to a trial meeting and it is decided that they are left to "rot in Spellhold".

The first time a party member casts an illegal spell, a Cowled Wizard will appear and warn you not to do it again. Any time you cast an illegal spell after being warned, a Cowled Wizard will appear, say you have been warned and summon three more wizards to attack you. After defeating the Cowled Wizard enforcers, the party will not be attacked for a full day, and is therefore free to cast as they see fit. Eventually, the Cowled Wizards send a few high-level mages after the party, after which the attacks stop.

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