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A Cowled Enforcer is a wizard who enforces the Law of Athkatla, which includes punishing anyone committing theft, murder, kidnapping, and the illegal use of wizardly magic within the city, except for the Athkatla Graveyard.

There are at least four different enforcers the party may encounter, depending upon circumstances.

Law Enforcer[]

These Cowled Enforcers (CowEnf1.cre) uphold the law against theft, attacking citizens, kidnapping, and so forth. One or more 14th level Cowled Enforcer Conjurers appear, accompanied by an Amnian Centurion, Amnian Legionaries, and/or others, under the following circumstances:

  • One to three might arrive if the party is observed stealing.[1]

    "Thief! Someone has noticed you! You hear the guards being summoned!"

  • Two appear if Reputation has fallen too low, and the party is observed by the authorities.[2]

    "Guards approach. Obviously word of your misdeeds have reached the authorities."

  • Two appear when refusing to cooperate with Trax, an officer from the Amnian Revenue and Taxation Board while he questions Jan Jansen about illegal arms dealing.[3]
  • Two appear when opting to collect the ransom for the kidnapped Lady Elgea during the side quest, Find the kidnappers who buried Tirdir.[4]
  • Two appear in Valygar's Home if Hervo calls for the guards.[5]
  • One appears in the tavern of the Five Flagons Inn if Samuel Thunderburp or any of the occupants are attacked.[6]

Magic ban enforcement[]

This Cowled Enforcer (CowEnf2.cre) is a 20th level generalist Mage who upholds the law against the illegal use of wizardly magic. He can appear in any district except for the Athkatla Graveyard.[7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13]

First infraction[]

The first time a party member casts a wizardly spell illegally (i.e., without having first bribed, or rather "purchased" a license from, Corneil), a Cowled Enforcer will appear and warn you not to do it again.[14]

"The practice of magic without a license is forbidden in the city of Athkatla. You shall receive one warning only. Further spellcasting will result in your death. ...those who are not Cowled Wizards or are without a proper, approved license may not practice magic in this city. Licenses are subject to the approval of the Cowled Wizards, providing you are a responsible and sane practitioner. Seek a representative of ours in the Council of Six Building in the Government District, if you wish. Continue to use magic without approval and you will be labeled a deviant and dealt with appropriately. Fail to heed this warning at your own peril."

However, the party member may cast wizards spells for the rest of the day, even transitioning to other districts to do so, without being attacked. After the party has rested once (8 hours), casting another wizard spell results in another enforcer appearing.

Second, third and fourth infraction[]

The second through forth times an illegal spell is cast, this same type of Cowled Enforcer teleports in and says:

"You are unlicensed! This is an unsanctioned use of magical energy! You have been warned."

He calls in three other Cowled Enforcers for backup (CowEnf1.cre, CowEnf3.cre, & CowEnf4.cre) before attacking.

Fifth and final infraction[]

The fifth and final time, the Enforcer says,

"Your transgressions against the Cowled Wizards has come to an end.  Prepare to feel the wrath of the highest members of our order."

The Cowled Enforcer then calls in help from the more powerful Cowled Wizards[15]. As shown in the gallery screen shot, if all these mages are defeated, the total XP gain is 58,000 shared by the party.

Backup enforcers[]

These two types of Enforcers are called in for backup during the second through fourth infractions of the magic ban. Both are female Elven Conjurers:

Gallery unmodified and modded content[]

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod revises some aspects of these mages, and especially if the "Smarter Mages" component is installed. In general, the mages will deploy instant cast self buffs after teleporting into the area and after any initial dialogue is spoken. There is a noticeable short delay time gap before that occurs, giving the party a chance to attack or deploy a quick launching spell, before the preparatory buffs take place. If you want to give the AI a chance (for challenge) then wait for the buffs to fully deploy before attacking - this will compensate for the unintentional game engine lag, which occurs due to so many scripts trying to process in a short period - an unfortunate Infinity Engine limitation. On the other hand, not waiting a few tics will give the party a starting advantage.

In terms of the Cowled Enforcers teleporting in to punish the party for casting arcane magic in Athkatala, without a license - SCS will always send a total of four mages per transgression. The mages experience levels are adjusted by the game difficulty setting, with the "Hardcore" and "Insane" settings being the toughest. Depending on the difficulty setting will also determine if the higher-level mages use particularly powerful level 9 spells and even mage High-level class ability against the party. The mod makes the Cowled Enforcers much more difficult to defeat, absent cheese tactics or exploits.

With the Spell Revisions mod installed; all spells cast by these enforcers will be the SR versions.

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