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Courtesan Room (Brothel) is within the Galvena's Festhall complex and can be reached through a transition doorway from the Cellar of Brothel hallway. This room is where the various male and female courtesans that are "strutting their stuff" in front of the main Brothel entrance can be hired for a bit of compassionate companionship. Or as the pirates who visit this place refer to it as "run up yer' Jolly Roger", "swabbin' the poop deck" or "docking the dinghy in tuna town".


This single rectangular room is furnished and quite stately (unlike the cellar area that it connects to). The decor and finish have obviously and deliberately been recently renovated to display a discrete yet opulent room of comfort. The glow of warm light is supplied by tasteful candles in sconces. An enormous bed with plush silk duvet covers is an inviting feature. The ambient air has hints of lilac perfume and aromatic spices. There is only one doorway in and out of this lusty nest.


The party will either enter this area and find it empty of inhabitants, or they will be transported via a scene change as part of the Getting inside the asylum questline after having dialogue and agreeing to be a customer of a cooperative courtesan - part of the Sleeping Potion plotline.


A large bookshelf can be examined.