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Count Claylan is found inside the Mithrest Inn standing near the bar. He makes conversation with the young Debutante Alicia who's standing near him. He has no items to pickpocket.

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  • First conversation:

"So I said to the baron, "Honestly, sir! You must learn to control yourself!"

"Really? You're so brave!"

"Well, yes. I couldn't let that ogre push people about like serfs."

  • Second conversation:

"My dear, do you not find the crowds about Waukeen's quite overwhelming this year?"

"Yes, the peasantry should not be allowed to walk about so freely. The stench alone makes me faint."

"I shall have to have a word with the council. The commoners can do their shopping at night. I know that Lord Ophal agrees."

"You must be a man of influence, m'lord."

"I use it for the common good, my dear."

  • Third conversation:

"Why don't you stop by the manor tonight? I could show you my collection of Sunite statuary."

"My parents would be delighted to come over! Thank you, count."

"Oh, I don't see any reason to interrupt their plans. Why don't you come alone?"

"If you would like, m'lord."

"With the countess away, you shall be MOST welcome at my manor."