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Coran's Cabin is a location found in the Forest of Tethir (Shadows of Amn) map reachable in Baldur's Gate II Chapter 6 as part of the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition game versions.


The structure can be explored after initial dialogue with Coran, who stands adjacent to the home. After dialogue, Coran departs and the subsequent registry of the Coran and the Wolfweres side quest takes place. The Automap Marker for the Forest of Tethir area simply labels this structure as "Cabin", but the game files title it as "Coran's Cabin".

Based on the unhealthy infestation found within, it isn't hard to see why Coran wasn't encountered inside. It's too bad he had no commentary about what lurks within the cabin, as entry will provide a nasty surprise for the party.

On the map[]

  • No Automap Marker is provided for this area map.

Gameplay walkthrough[]

The party can ignore this cabin if they wish. There is no required quest completion requirement to explore it.

But, exploring is what adventurers do, so let's assume the player directs the party to enter the cabin.

FOT Coran's Cabin

The party transitions through the doorway from the front cabin porch and is immediately beset upon by a mixed group of unfriendly mist creatures, as shown in the InfoBox.

Several of the mists have special innate ability attacks that will likely require making a few saving throws. Be aware of potential Level drain touch attacks here as well.

Should the party manage to dispose of the creatures, there are a total of six "containers" within the two-room structure that can be examined. Recommended practice is to assume something could be trapped, as well as locked - so take precautions before opening these containers.

Found treasure[]