Great peril yields great beauty.

Coran is a male elf and chaotic good multi-class fighter/thief in Baldur's Gate, where Gorion's Ward may choose him as a companion.

He has also short appearances in Siege of Dragonspear and Shadows of Amn.

Baldur's Gate & Tales of the Sword CoastEdit


Coran is available from Chapter Four. He can be found standing at the middle of a bridge in NW of first part of Cloakwood. He will ask you to join his plan in bringing the governor of Beregost a 'dragon's head', if it is accepted, he will join the party.



  • Coran will flirt with Branwen. While she will thank him for any compliments, she doesn't really encourage him further.
  • Coran will flirt with Dynaheir, who will recognize the shallow nature of his "compliments" and subtly discourage him.
  • Faldorn respects Coran and enjoys his company. She seems to believe that, despite his wyvern-hunting, he is more reverent towards nature than most other party members.
  • Coran will flirt shamelessly with Jaheira, despite the fact that she is married. She, of course, ignores him completely.
  • Kagain dislikes Coran and will often try to either shut him down or shut him up.
  • Coran will flirt shamelessly with Safana, and she will rebuff his every attempt, quite humorously. Her reaction to his death, however, reveals that she's a lot more fond of him than she lets on.
  • Coran also flirts shamelessly with Shar-Teel, who will shut him down almost immediately. She also throws some pretty scathing insults at him from time to time.
  • Coran will flirt with Skie, too. In response, she will get flustered.
  • Tiax dislikes Coran, and will insult him from time to time, but Coran seems to shrug it off fairly easily.
  • Viconia, while flattered by any compliments Coran sends her way, generally views him with some disdain, sees him as weak, and is not afraid to let him know it. This does not stop Coran from flirting with her just as shamelessly as he does with most female characters in the game.
  • Xan may be a fellow elf, but he is polar opposite of Coran. Both try to unsuccessfully convince the other that their viewpoint of life is wiser.


His starting equipment is: leather armor, a long bow, 20 arrows and a long sword. He is an elf (+1 to-hit with bows and swords), and he has 20 dexterity (1 point over the elf max, a minor bonus to his thief skills, +3 to-hit with ranged weapons) and 3 proficiency points in longbow (Mastery: +3 to-hit/damage, +1/2 attack) which player-made multi-class fighters cannot do, making him the best archer companion in BG1. If he's given the Gauntlets of Ogre Power, he can use composite bows as well.

Enhanced Edition note: companions who are under-leveled at the time of joining will be given a certain amount of experience points (XP) for you to manually level them up to gain more control of their status.


When asked about his past, CORAN reveals that he hails from the Forest of Tethir, and while he has great memories of his time there, the serene lifestyle he felt it offered was ultimately not for him. Instead he traveled to the city of Baldur's Gate, dreaming of wealth, power, and respect.
With nary a coin to his name, he resorted to thievery, stealing only from those that he felt could spare it, and swearing that he would quit once he had enough gold to start his own business. Unfortunately, he soon grew to love his new lifestyle, looking forward to each hair-raising escape, dangerous break-in, or beautiful woman.
Occasionally, he would need to leave town for a while, disappearing into the wilderness until things had cooled down and his name was less known. His most recent retreat is apparently the result of a relationship with the female sorceress Brielbara. He sheepishly admits to being caught in the act of seducing a female member of the Knights of the Unicorn and being forced to flee from the violently jealous mage

Quotes Edit

Ho, travelers! Hold a moment. Initial meeting
This adventure has gotten out of hand. Morale failure
I think we all deserve a pat on the back. Happy
I cannot give my approval for what we've just done. Unhappy-annoyed
If our fellowship continues in this vein, I may have to leave. Unhappy-serious
I can't stay with this group any longer. I have to call it quits. Unhappy-break
I think my new responsibility will be a great deal of fun. Leader
Even the most prolific adventurer must take some time to rest. Tired
My worst hate is reserved for sitting and doing *yawn* nothing. Bored
*whistle* Battlecry1
*grunt* It's only a flesh wound. Hurt
Yes? Select1
What is your bidding? Select2
Life is adventure or nothing. Select3
Luck be a lady. Action1
Great peril yields great beauty. Action2
Wherever fate takes me. Action3
The storm is always preferable to the calm. Action4
The essence of pleasure is spontaneity. Action5
You can't live without a little adventure. Action6
Luck is always on the side of the romantic. Action7
Safana, you are full of such subtle wit and charm. Interaction1
Sometimes, Safana, I find myself attracted to you... despite your shallow, spiteful demeanor.


You've been dominating my thoughts recently, Safana. It's distracting my work.


If you weren't such a self-serving wench, I... don't think I'd find you half as attractive.


Admit it, Safana! You sometimes find me to your liking.


A fine figure like yours shouldn't be risked in an occupation such as adventuring. Compliment1
A more beautiful girl I don't think I've laid eyes on. Compliment2
You have the most beautiful, eh... eyes.


I grieve to lose a friend. To death-general
I wish we had more time to know each other, Safana. To death-specific
I accept your compliments. To compliment1
You are rather uncouth today.

To insult1

I don't appreciate your humor. To insult2
I'll not speak a word after what you did! Hostile
Can't stick around to talk, I have some wyverns to kill. Post break

Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear Edit

Coran's appearance in Siege of Dragonspear is rather short as his "maiden" affair was discovered by Safana, who he apparently had developed a relationship with. He'll greet the player on the second floor of Elfsong Tavern but quickly run away before Safana's fury devours him.

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn Edit

Coran makes a cameo in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. He can be found northwest in the area in which the entrance to Suldanessellar is. He can't be recruited into the party again and he only requires your help to free Safana from the wolfweres.




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