Baldur's Gate Wiki

When the party enters the Copper Coronet and receives permission from Lehtinan to access the "back rooms" of his inn, two Copper Coronet Guards will be encountered when the party enters this area. The guard near the first door will approach the party and give the ok to look around.

Traveling down the long hallway leads to another door that opens to the area where some jail cells are located. The second guard in this area will inform the party that they have entered a restricted area. Any reply given, except offering to leave, will result in the guard becoming hostile and summoning five more guards; three of these summoned guards are straight fighters and the other two are fighter/mages. Two of the fighters and both mages will appear in the jail cell area while the third fighter appears in the short hallway that leads to the sewers.

Once these guards have been defeated and the key to the jail cells has been recovered from the Beastmaster, freeing Hendak from his imprisonment will result in two more guards appearing in the long hallway and near the entrance to the back rooms, respectively.

Killing all of nine of these guards will not lead to a loss of reputation.

This Copper Coronet Guard is the straight fighter summoned by the jail cell guard. These guards have 20 hit points and give 1000 XP when killed.

This Copper Coronet Guard is the fighter/mage summoned by the jail cell guard. These guards have no armor and 40 hit points, but give 2000 XP when killed. Their "mage" script allows them to utilize every spell in their spell book before they revert to melee attack with thier Quarterstaff.