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Coordinator is a male figure that has the appearance of a monk with a staff. He can be encountered in Spellhold Main Floor area in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn.

I trust you have good reason to be entering this place? It's <CHARNAME>, isn't it?


The unnamed Coordinator is ostensibly a Cowled Wizard official working in some capacity within the Spellhold facility. He contacts the party as soon as entry is made into the building when the party is in possession of the Wardstone for Asylum.

The coordinator calmly and politely responds to questions and eventually leads the party on a tour to show the treatment of some of the inmates, and also promises to lead the PC to Imoen. He says:

"Please, you have worked so hard to come here. Allow me to show you what I mean. I shall let you examine the facilities, and Imoen, for yourself."

The coordinator leads the party on a tour of the cellblock, stopping at each occupied cell and giving a short description of the diagnosis and history of the inmate within. Each inmate will have dialogue of some degree, and this can trigger interjections by certain core party members.

At the end of the tour, the party can find Imoen in the Inmate Commons room. The coordinator will then explain her state of mental health, paraphrased below:

"And lastly... the one you seek. She is quite well, considering the circumstances. She does not seem willing to respond right now. Her consciousness comes and goes. It is fortunate you arrived when you did. Oh, you misunderstand. It is fortunate for *me* that you arrived when you did. I'm quite through with her for the moment. It is *you* that I am after."

The PC can provide statements, some angry and terse, but in the end, the Coordinator takes the initiative and can't be prevented from exposing all party members to a special sleep cloud that renders them all helpless.

The coordinator has tricked the party into a trap. The next event that will occur is a scene where the party is split up, all members but the PC are caged and (not controllable), and the bhaalspawn is trapped in a glass enclosure in some kind of laboratory. Jon Irenicus will address the PC. This is covered in the Escaping the asylum article.


  • If Yoshimo is a party member there will be some surprising dialogue revealed at the end of the tour.
  • The coordinator is protected from many status effects and death for plot purposes. He is equipped with the MINHP1.ITM item.

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