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Coordinates are a good way to keep track of locations of characters, containers, and items in the game.

The key used to show the coordinates depends on game and edition: while it is "L"1 in the original Baldur's Gate and its expansion Tales of the Sword Coast, it is "X"1 in Baldur's Gate II and the Enhanced Editions. The assigned key can be changed through the games' configuration tools or settings.

1 The lower case variant of the keys works, SHIFT does not have to be pressed.

The co-ordinates of your cursor along with the code for the area you are in will appear in your dialogue window.


Hit X to bring up your location.

It is not possible to view coordinates or assign a key to do so in the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch releases of the Enhanced Editions. On Ps4, keep X pressed and move L3 to highlight interactive element, including hidden storage.

When containers, characters, or other items in the game may be hard to locate for players, coordinates may be provided to help pinpoint the location. Coordinates should be provided in the following format: parenthetical notation, X coordinate followed by Y coordinate separated by a period, e.g. (xxxx.xxxx). On the first occurrence of coordinates on a page, please include a link to the coordinates page as shown. When adding coordinates as a "tag" to an object or area, it is preferable to use the location templates, by typing {{location|<ARE>|<X>|<Y>}} (area can be omitted when not necessary, such as coordinates on an area's own page). As an example of this template in action, coordinates will appear like this: (123.456) To distinguish between games, {{location1}} and {{location2}} should be used, rather than the base template. For more information, see Template:Location.