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A Cook can be found in many kitchens throughout the Sword Coast, employed in homes, inns and taverns, businesses, and other locations where feeding a sizable number of creatures may be required. They are even found outside of cities and towns as members of caravans or military excursions. They don't provide any meaningful help or information, but they do offer some limited dialogue for those who like to converse with all the creatures they come across.

This cook is found in the Elfsong Tavern and the Three Old Kegs during the prologue events of Chapter Seven for the Siege of Dragonspear campaign. His appearance colors are exactly the same as creature code MCOOK2 but his dialogue has been greatly expanded.


To cook a fantastic meal, you need absolute silence. ABSOLUTE silence. You see where I'm going with this?
I don't allow others to assist me. I wouldn't let my own mother try to dice this celery. The celery's the most important part.
Sometimes, I get special meal requests. I ignore them. Say "yes" to one and soon people will want no mushrooms in their mushroom soup.
I rely on my refined palate to create complex flavor profiles.
No one appreciates how hard it is to do what I do. I am an artist, a slave to my craft.
ONE MORE complaint about the food and I pack up my knives and go.
Some day I'd like to open up my own restaurant. Imported ingredients, lots of big flavors, and even bigger prices!
I hired an assistant once, but he only lasted a few weeks. Had to chop him after he burned a roast.
I use shallots instead of onions wherever possible. Who wouldn't, right?
The worst thing about being a chef is the long hours. The best part? I'd have to go with the hat.
I'm glad I'm not with that army up north. Camp cooking is the worst.
Just don't touch anything, please. I have my kitchen organized exactly how I like.