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A Cook can be found in many kitchens throughout the Sword Coast, employed in homes, inns and taverns, businesses, and other locations where feeding a sizable number of creatures may be required. They are even found outside of cities and towns as members of caravans or military excursions. They don't provide any meaningful help or information, but they do offer some limited dialogue for those who like to converse with all the creatures they come across.


This Cook is found in the Helmite Camp which is only accessible if you've undertaken Dorn's bloody path companion quest. The only way to have a conversation with him is to ditch Dorn as soon as you enter the area. Otherwise, all conversation with the camp inhabitants is rendered impossible as Dorn's presence makes the camp turn hostile following completion of the dialogue.

All members of the camp, except for the Helmite Sentry known as Tennek, use the same dialogue script when spoken too in a neutral state of allegiance.

If I ever see that bloody dwarf again, I'll skin the little tosser alive—what? What're you looking at? Go, get out of here. Go!


This Cook is found in the Estate of Saerk Farrahd which is located in the Bridge District. She carries no items and has only one line of dialogue before she turns hostile.

Wh...? Oh, by my stars and garters... HEEELLLP! THIEEEEVES!