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A Cook can be found in many kitchens throughout the Sword Coast, employed in homes, inns and taverns, businesses, and other locations where feeding a sizable number of creatures may be required. They are even found outside of cities and towns as members of caravans or military excursions. They don't provide any meaningful help or information, but they do offer some limited dialogue for those who like to converse with all the creatures they come across.

The descriptions below are based on the different creature codes that are found in the Baldur's Gate and the Enhanced Edition game files. Each creature code has its own unique color appearance and dialogue.


This cook is only found on level 2 in the Cloakwood Mines. She comes across as someone use to working around men and her bawdy reply's bare witness to this observation. Unfortunately she cannot be saved and is assumed drowned in the ensuing flooding of the mine.

You're a bunch of greenheads, ain't ya? You've come here to guzzle, or maybe one of you handsome stags wants to shag me. I am quite a fubsy, aren't I? Heh heh heh.

— reply to male PC

Ya buncha chuckle headed shag bags, try to sneak by me, will ya? I'm going to drub you but good.


Ye're a bunch o' happy-gallaghers, ain't ya? I's no time fer chits or chats, so move along.

— reply to female PC - hostile response

I really like all of ya. We should have a little private shag party, right here in me kitchen.

— charmed


This cook is only found in the Iron Throne Headquarters. She exudes a country bumpkin type of charm when spoken to. The male cook (MCOOK) is her fella John.

I must apologize for me fella here, John. He just gets irate real easy. You'd do best to avoid him when he's in these kinda moods.

— typical reply

Sorry, no food fer ya right now.
I'm just a cook, what should I know?

— charmed


This cook is found in the Candlekeep Library and the Merchants' League Estate. She's referred to as Martha by the male cook (MCOOK) in the library kitchen.

Ya, I don't like no snot-nosed brats causin' trouble here. You better scram, 'fore I give you a whippin'.

— Martha

Only stuff I know about is cooking, baking, and how ta run a kitchen.

— charmed


This nameless cook is only found in the Candlekeep Library. He exudes a country livin' type of charm when spoken to. The female cook (FECOOK) is his wife Martha.

Is there a reason why ye're in my kitchen? 'Cause Martha here don't like people messin' with her kitchen. Ain't that right, Martha?
I like to cook, but other than that, I don't know much.

— charmed


This cook is found in Feldepost's Inn, the Friendly Arm Inn, the Elfsong Tavern, and the Three Old Kegs. This feller offers up the charm of someone who was raised in the city but never got too far.

Hey, you stays out of my kitchen! You'll mess up my art! Someday I'z gonna cook for da duke himself! Betcha there's less fistfights in the palace, so's you can enjoy a meal from start to finish.

— first reply

Hey, clear out. I don't need you meat-heads roaming through my kitchen! *sigh* I wanna work somewhere where beer and blood aren't seasonings.

— second reply

Bud, ya wanna hear a good joke? There were these three guys; one of 'em was a Cormyrian, another a Sembian... Hey! Where are ya going?

— charmed


This cook is only found in Entar Silvershield's Estate. He presents a more refined demeanor of someone accustom to working for folks with money.

This is strange. Entar didn't say he was going to have guests over for food. I've only made servings to fit three. I guess I must make changes. Don't worry, you'll have a feast that you won't soon forget!

— first reply

Hello again, you'll have to excuse me, I'm quite busy.

— second reply

Would you like it if I whipped up some food for you right here and now? Come on friends, stay and try out my Sembian meatballs!

— charmed


This cook is only found in the Ducal Palace. This guy gives off the impression that he may not be from around these parts.

Out out OUT! I'll no be giving out scraps to fools wandering about tonight! I've a DUKE to cook for, so if you try to distract me you'll likely get a pot upside your head!
Though I'm stuck in this here kitchen, it don't mean I haven't got rumors coming my way. From what I hear, Sarevok's the next Grand Duke fer sure.

— charmed


This cook is found in the Helm and Cloak, the Iron Throne Headquarters, Oberan's Estate, and the Splurging Sturgeon. He offers a straight-up, no nonsense persona with a might bit o' patients added to the mix. In the Iron Throne Headquarters, the unnamed female cook (FCOOK3) refers to him as her fella John.

You there. This is MY kitchen, and I don't like interlopers, so get out!

— first reply

Didn't I tell you to get out? I don't want you in my kitchen, can't you get that through yer thick skull?

— second reply

It's you again. By the claws of Umberlee, I can't take these interruptions much longer. Get out of my kitchen, and stay out.

— third reply

I'm just a cook, what should I know?

— charmed