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The Control Circlet can be produced by an unusual illithid machine apparatus in a specific chamber within the Mind Flayers in Underdark complex reached from the Underdark area map and the Eastern Tunnels transition.


A circlet of alien metal that dominates even the most powerful of minds and leaves them defenseless. Perhaps this item could be used to control a mind flayer to make it help you escape from this hellish prison.


The circlet is "manufactured" by adding the Illithid Serum to the machine and interacting with it using the cursor. Up to four circlets can be made before the machine's ability is exhausted.

Additional background, some explanation of the machine and other pertinent dialogue can be obtained from the Slave Leader (Illithids).

Each circlet has one charge[1] available that can launch a projectile with a 4 feet range at any targetable creature in the game. The creature will be exposed to a Dire Charm effect that bypasses all protections and magic resistance. There is no saving throw against the effect. The creature will be Dire Charmed for an 1800 duration. During this period, it can be commanded to do some activities, such as attack another creature in melee combat, move where directed, and other very limited actions.

As this charmed creature relates to the Captured by Mind Flayers quest, the circlet can be employed to take control of an illithid, and force it to open doors that are psionically sealed by The Master Brain. Those specially locked doors can only be opened doing this action, or by the protagonist turning into the Slayer Form. No other methods can open these specific doors, including using a door bash or a Knock spell effect (and there are no keys to be found).

Any illithids that are dire charmed will revert to hostile status as soon as they are used to open one of these doors, so in reality, the charm duration isn't actually adhered to.

The only way to resist the Dire Charm effect of this circlet is to be immune to the Charm Creature effect itself. Any creature that is protected against charm will therefore not be affected by the Control Circlet.

Once a circlet's charges are expended the item is destroyed.


  1. The circlets are capable of holding two charges but are scripted to be created with only one charge [UDMACH.BCS].