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The Contract is found in Lanneth's room in the Red Wizard Enclave, opened by the Laboratory Key, during the quest Neera's Hidden Refuge. It is signed by Lanneth and Hayes, and witnessed by Gul Dukeem.


This document guarantees to the signer, GOODMAN HAYES, lately of the cities of Athkatla and Trademeet, 500 gold pieces for procuring information regarding the whereabouts and identities of all wild mages known to him. By signing this contract, he agrees to its terms, which specify that he must make a full disclosure of his knowledge to LANNETH FAR-SEER or her appointed agents; that he must not disclose his purpose to any other person or organization; and that his failure to comply with any of this contract's terms renders his own safety and security forfeit. By the seal of the tharchions affixed hereto, this contract is legal in Thay and will be strictly upheld by its representative abroad, LANNETH FAR-SEER.

Lanneth Far-Seer
Gul Dukeem, witness