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The Confusion (innate) ability projected by the Umber Hulk and some Myconid creatures in the game saga.

This innate spell ability clouds the judgement of the target affected creature, instilling profound indecision and the inability to take effective action. Any creature affected by the spell will run around uncontrollable, randomly attacking. In some instances, they may also just stand still and take no action, and suddenly start moving randomly around the map. Despite what the spell description says, the creature may or may not move away from the caster. The confusion effect instills random directional movement.


As an innate ability, the source caster selects a detected target and fires a projectile at the creature. The target creature must make a Saving throw vs. Spells to negate the effect. If the effect takes hold, it will last 45 seconds, but may be potentially removed with a Dispel Magic effect. If the spell saving throw is missed, then the target creature has a 3D effect (SPCONFUS) play over their sprite, a color fade effect, the combat log displays a text reading "Confused", and an icon is displayed on the portrait (No. 3). A sound effect is audible when the spell begins and another when it expires.

The effects are cast with a level 4 spell Power level and are subject to protective spells such as Globe of Invulnerability or Minor Spell Deflection and others. An exception would be Minor Globe of Invulnerability. The ability can target characters under Improved Invisibility who could normally not be targeted by spells. It is not fooled by Mirror Image.

Magic resistance can potentially block the innate spell.


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The following items and spells provide immunity to becoming confused:

NOTE: This list is incomplete. You are encouraged to complete it.


One version of Hexxat's Amulet also provides immunity. This is the version that she is wearing in "bat form". The actual item she is wearing at the time is transformed[1][2]to this extra powerful version to prevent any attack from succeeding, so she gets safely to the coffin. Upon being restored from being not-really-dead, the item is transformed back[3] into the original amulet.


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