Composite Longbows are like normal longbows, but the the staves are made of two different materials, giving greater flexibility, requiring more strength and giving a bonus to damage of +2 (Baldur's Gate) or +1 in (Baldur's Gate II) and increases the chance of hitting the target, +1 bonus to THAC0. This bow can no longer be used by bards, and it requires 18 Strength to draw the bow. Like longbows, this weapon can also use to fire enchanted and normal arrows.

In Baldur's gate, this weapon is in the Bow Weapons proficiency. In the other games, this weapon is in Longbows.


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Composite bows are longbows or shortbows whose staves are made from more than one type of material. This gives greater flexibility, and thus better range. These were developed after the normal longbow.

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