Baldur's Gate Wiki

This Commoner's House in the Athkatla Docks is situated east of Mae'Var's Guildhall, just above Cromwell's Home.

Its only door can be accessed either from the north in the center of the docks near the Barracks by crossing bridge and down one flight of stairs, or from the south near the guildhall and up two flights of stairs.

Inside is a commoner woman (5:30-21:29 FTOWN6.CRE), or a man and woman, both sleeping (21:30-4:29 SLEEPMH.CRE and SLEEPFH.CRE).


There are six containers in this house, four of which have alarms [1] that summon the authorities (if observed stealing), including Amnian Centurions, Amnian Legionaries and Cowled Enforcers [2]:

Searching and looting these containers is possible as long as you are not observed (Invisibility, Sanctuary). Another possible method is to Charm (not Dominate) the commoner Woman, so she will not react. These home dwellers are treated as innocents, and any harm directed at them (such as imprisonment or Maze spells) will result in a reputation loss. But go ahead and play to your alignment as you wish, Adventurer.