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Cominda is in the "employ" of Madame Nin in the Copper Coronet and will offer services to males as an "Escort".

I hope your room pleases you, my lord. And I hope that I please you as well. Do you wish to spend the night?

— Cominda


Speak with Madame Nin, and if the party member wishes, he/she may hire a companion for the night for 50 gold. The Madame may call up Cominda to escort you to a room upstairs.

The next scene will be the party member and Cominda in a private room.

She will initiate dialogue; and more is available based on conversation questions and replies.

The player may learn of some illegal slaving going on, and find out that Cominda isn't an employee, but actually forced as a slave escort under Madame Nin's control, and probably approved by Lehtinan the Copper Coronet owner.

Continue the conversation as desired and spend the night with her if inclined to do so, or leave Cominda with some words of hope, and check into the slavery story later.

After the Free Hendak and the slaves questline, if you speak with Cominda again she will have some kind words, and you will learn what Hendak has done for the slave escorts.

Harming her counts as attacking an innocent, so expect up a -10 Reputation loss if she is killed.

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