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Cohn Ta'glaen is a male vampire who is found in Bodhi's Hideout within the Lower Tombs, if you have decided to side with Bodhi in the Shadow Thieves/Vampire guild war. He is something of a confident of Bodhi's and seems to be the individual who is in charge of delineating the daily tasks to the help. Killing him doesn't appear to upset Bodhi in the least.


"Greetings. I trust you have found your welcome adequate, if not exactly warm. I am Master Cohn Ta'glaen. If you choose to address me, call me Master Cohn."

1- Well then, Master Cohn, what is your purpose here?
"I am permanent, and you are not. That should suffice. I have the mistress's ear more than any other, as I have been with her since before she came to this place."
"Forgive my aloof nature, but you are transient. I think young Meredath may even be temporary, as she will not survive her awkward years. I have myself to blame."
"Ahh, but I will say no more. Walk amongst the others of your station. They are named for their daily tasks, to keep things simple. Leave me."
2- I will call you what I wish, if that's all right. How about Tag? Or Ta'g if you prefer.
"Oh, this chat has taken a downward turn. Despite the wishes of the mistress, I shall not deal with you. Laune is even more standoffish, though she is young."
"Go walk amongst the others of your station. They will not care what you call them, for they are named each day for their tasks, to keep things simple. Leave."
3- I am <Gorion's Ward>. May I ask what your function is here?
"I am permanent, and you are not. That should....

All further attempts at conversation result in:

"I have nothing more to say until the mistress bids it. Feel fortunate, for we do not often even bother acknowledging our disregard for such as you."