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The Coast Way lies to the east of the Candlekeep Coastway and is the road that in Baldur's Gate connects the northerly Friendly Arm Inn with the southerly Beregost.


This part of the Candlekeep Coastway connects the easterly Lion's Way, and thus Candlekeep, with the Friendly Arm Inn to the north and the town of Beregost to the south. While the roads are relatively safe to travel, Aoln, a hunter of sorts on the path to the Friendly Arm Inn, has some stories to tell about the dangers of especially the eastern wilderness, where gibberlings, xvarts and all kinds of wolves make journeys a risk, and many a caravan already went lost. There are rumors of even mightier creatures here.

Chapter One[]

Old Man (Chapter One) BG1EE

When arriving here from the westerly located Lion's Way, following the important event of going to the Friendly Arm Inn, the party is approached by a mysterious old man, inquiring on their state of mind. The chosen response has influence only on his tone when replying himself – and upon leaving, Gorion's Ward notes:

I met a strange man on the road to the Friendly Arm Inn. He seemed interested in me, though I don't know why. He was a little... odd.

— Journal[1]

Chapter Three[]

If passing through the eastern wilderness during Chapter Three, Deke and a handful of bandits can be encountered near a raided caravan and pressed into revealing the location of the Bandit Camp after they have suffered some severe damage.


Entar's Son BG1EE

Kagain discovers Entar Silvershield's son

  • Entar's SonEntar Silvershield's son was on a caravan, the security of which Kagain from Beregost was responsible for. If accepting the task at his shop and returning with the dwarf to the Coast Way, the party has one day to find the raided caravan in the eastern parts of the wilderness.
    Note: Finding the caravan before accepting Kagain's task (and taking anything from it) has no influence on the quest.

Notable loot[]

Coast Way Detail BG1EE


  • This is usually the first area that players reveal on their World Map by exploration.
  • The Friendly Arm Inn and Beregost will already be on the map when first entering this area, but are greyed out, meaning that they cannot be traveled to until the route to them is "revealed" by exiting this area once to the north and to the south.



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