Cloudkill creates a toxic cloud which will kill or do poison damage to anyone caught in it.


This spell generates a billowing cloud of ghastly, yellowish green vapors that is so toxic as to slay any creature with 4 or fewer Hit Dice, and causes creatures with 5 to 6 Hit Dice to roll Saving Throws vs. Poison with a -4 penalty or be slain. Holding one's breath has no effect on the lethality of the spell. Those above 6th level (or 6 Hit Dice) must leave the cloud immediately or suffer 1d10 points of poison damage each round while in the area of effect.

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In the original Baldur's Gate, Cloudkill is the single most powerful offensive spell in the game. Most of the game's NPCs, all summons, and many human bosses, were not above Level 4 and so were instantly killed by this spell. NPCs were not intelligent enough to leave the area of effect, so if they could not see the player they would suffocate to death. Cloudkill's impact in the original game was limited by its availability, as only a random mage in an out-of-the-way dungeon and a hidden cache contained scrolls, and wizards restricted by the level cap could not memorize Level 5 spells. The increased level cap in Tales of the Sword Coast allowed Cloudkill to be memorized, but it is less overwhelming in the expansion areas, where monsters have higher stats and magic resistance against the spell's effects. Certain, unexpected bosses in these areas can still be cheesed with Cloudkill, however, such as the Phoenix Guards in Durlag's Tower.

Cloudkill remains powerful and useful early into Shadows of Amn, but loses potency (along with most low level spells) past Spellhold.

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