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Clone (Irenicus Spellhold) is a onetime unique opponent appearing in the Battle with Irenicus in Spellhold in the Spellhold Basement as part of chapter 4's Escaping the asylum questline.


Irenicus will initiate an innate spell that creates one creature for each party member. The "clones" will have the same appearance as each party character, but they won't have any equipment items or spell effect animations upon them.

The creatures will form in a few seconds nearby the party member, and then a 3D effect will play, and the hostile creatures are now present in the laboratory area. They will attack with the basic WTASIGHT script to guide their targeting and behavior. A text display on the combat log will read: "Spawn Clones" if Irenicus was successful in launching the innate spell.

The clone isn't a summoned creature, so it won't be banished automatically by a Death Spell, nor will some kind of Divination attack or Detect Illusion have any effect on it.

Although the creature has no obvious weaponry, they employ the S1-12M2.ITM item as their attack - which is a sort of extrapolated fist/claw/something.

The creature has a permanent normal Haste effect bestowed upon it.

When killed they do provide experience points but have no droppable loot or items.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems reworked this clone dynamic completely. Irenicus now "forcecasts" a new spell effect that produces a hybrid Simulacrum of each party member.

The spell cast seems to be impervious to being disrupted, so expect it will trigger. At the moment the spell initiates, each party member is replicated and then a Simulacrum rising animation plays next to the cloned party member. It takes about one round for all this to occur, then the creatures appear, and turn hostile a second later.

These clones have all the attributes, equipment, quick use slot items, and memorized spells of the party member.

Observed actions by these clones include:
Using potions from quick slots.
Using wands from the quick slots.
Mages and multi-class mages/bards will cast spells on self and to attack, using those spells available to the party member.
Rogue class clones will attempt to pickpocket items from party members during combat.
Will use melee and missile weapons present when the clone was produced.

The clones are not destroyed except by usual means, e.g. damage and not dispelling, divination attacks or banishment. They drop no loot, and cloned items are not dropped. Items stolen from the party will not be recoverable when the clone is destroyed.