Baldur's Gate Wiki

This is the small, non-descript building located next to the barracks in the first compound of the Cloakwood Mines. The door is hidden from view and faces towards the path leading to the shed which houses the lift for the mine. There's not a sign for it on the map either. And there are no lootable containers in the building. The only occupant is a single guard who appears to be slacking off. Upon seeing a party member he says:

*snort* Hey there. Have you come to enjoy the wonders of some black lotus? I have enough for all of us... Wait a second, you're not members of my unit!

And then he immediately turns hostile and attacks. He is armed with a Long Sword and wears a Leather Armor. If he is charmed, he has this to say:

You're obviously here on important business friends. If you want to see Davaeorn, he's on the fourth floor.