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The Cloakwood Mines Shed houses the entrance to the mine. It is located in the second compound of the Cloakwood Mines area. Inside is a set of stairs that lead to the Lift which provides access to the mine. There are two guards keeping watch as well.

The chest is locked(50) and contains two Long Swords and 58 gp. The barrel is empty.

The Lift(AR1807)[]

At the bottom of the stairs is a door that leads to the Lift.

Activating the Lift will take the party to the first level of the mine.

Cloakwood Mines Lift mine first level
Level 1 entrance point

The Lift is also available for exiting the fourth level of the mine. It is located next to Davaeorn's bedroom. It will take the party back to the first level of the mine, whereupon it must be accessed again to reach the shed.

Cloakwood Mines Lift mine fourth level
Level 4 exit point