The Cloakwood Forest, otherwise known as The Cloakwood or simply Cloak Wood, is a relatively small forest due south of the city Baldur's Gate, or directly north-east of the citadel Candlekeep. During the game Baldur's Gate, the forest is composed of five areas on the World Map which cannot be explored by Gorion's Ward prior to Chapter Four, and must then be subsequently traversed in order to advance the main story-line. Many side quests may be discovered and completed while making this journey.

The first area is entered by heading west from the Friendly Arm Inn, with each subsequent area only reachable from the previous area; there are no shortcuts once the areas are fully explored, and upon reaching the 'heart' of the forest, one must travel back the way they came. Thus, a single one-way trip takes 64 hours, and is seldom completed without being interrupted at least once by a waylaid encounter.

Individual areasEdit

Cloakwood connections


Four potential companions can be found within the Cloakwood:

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