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Ho there, strangers. I seek a man named Rasaad yn Bashir; do you know of him?

— Cloaked Figure

The Cloaked Figure is a character from Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition and part of the Rasaad's Journey questline.


She is looking for Rasaad yn Bashir in Athkatla City Gates area. She will move toward the party and initiate dialogue, with various party responses available.

If the encounter goes peacefully, she will unlock a new location named the Abandoned Amphitheater on the world map. If the party kills her, the new location will be unlocked after Scrap of Paper (OHRNOT01.ITM) is taken from her body. If Gorion's Ward tells her that he doesn't know Rasaad, she will leave and come back the day after.

Note that the Scrap of Paper implies that her name is "Arwes", but this name appears nowhere else in the game files.


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