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The Cloak of the Dark Moon is similar to the Improved Cloak of Protection in that it boosts Armor Class and Saving throws while providing other interesting effects.

Unlike normal items "of Protection" though, this cloak can be worn together with a magical armor or with a real item "of Protection" such as The Guard's Ring.

Downside: The cloak's Saving throw bonus is only active at night.


Those that worship Shar often draw upon their dark goddess's power in creating magical items. This Cloak of the Dark Moon seems to have been crafted under such circumstances.

At first glance, this cloak seems to absorb all light cast upon it, appearing as a pile of black nothingness. Upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that this finely crafted cloak is not entirely black; it has a subtle and endlessly shifting texture to it. The cloak possesses no magical aura, but does indeed have potent abilities. When worn, it will rapidly shrink or expand to properly fit the wearer.


  • When worn at night, each round, the cloak will apply a +2 bonus to all saving throws lasting for 6 seconds.
  • In reality, the bonus will be triggered every 6⅔ seconds even though it lasts for 6s.
  • Under a Haste effect though, it will trigger twice within that 6⅔-second period, granting up to +4 bonus to all saves.


  • The timed trigger can be messed with to obtain a +6, +8, +10 bonus or more. It can be achieved by keeping the game unpaused and opening & closing multiple times the Record, Inventory or other screens that pause the game. Pausing steps the game back one engine tick (by default a 30th of a second), so if the next engine tick was the one where the bonus was applied, it'll be applied a second time. The stacked +2 bonuses will wear out progressively to reach normal levels soon enough after the exploit, so it isn't very practical to abuse but can be triggered accidentally, making the game easier unbeknownst to the player. Pausing and unpausing with the spacebar very quickly doesn't seem to raise the bonus as efficiently but it also works.


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