The Cloak of Mirroring is a cloak that in the original game (i.e., SoA without ToB) reflects all single-target spells back at the caster.  With the add-on (i.e., ToB & WK) installed and thus in the Enhanced Edition (i.e., BG2EE), it is a cloak that nullifies spell damage from individually targeted spells or spell effects, but won't reflect any of them back. 

The cloak is useful against single-target damaging spells such as Magic Missile, or AoE like Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting and Meteor Swarm, but not disabling spells such as Hold Person. It also protects its wearer from getting hurt by individually targeted AOE spells (such as Holy Smite) or by certain individually targeted spell effects such as the Wish "Temporarily remove 15% of all party members' HPs" and even Power Word, Kill.


Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of AmnEdit


Though it feels much like normal cloth, this shimmering cloak has on occasion been described as "woven water". Its true enchantment becomes apparent when the wearer is attacked directly by magic, and all the damage caused by spell effects is deflected harmlessly away.


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