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Atonement involves making reparations, paying a price. The Cloak of Atonement takes this requirement literally. In exchange for protection and safety, it will leech the health of its wearer to power itself.


Charge abilities (50 charges):
– On use, the Cloak of Atonement reduces the wearer's Constitution score by one point for the next 8 hours in order to perform one of the following functions:

  • 30% chance to cast Armor of Faith
  • 25% chance to cast Chant
  • 20% chance to cast Chaotic Commands
  • 15% chance to cast Death Ward
  • 10% chance to cast Shield of the Archons

When out of charges, the cloak is destroyed as would a wand.


Although any character (except Wizard Slayers) may use this cloak, the benefits can vary wildly depending on the class of the character, because the spells scale according to your level as a divine caster. Characters without any divine casting capabilities receive the buffs as if cast by a divine caster of the minimum possible level.

Therefore, single-class Fighters, Thieves, Bards, Monks, Mages and other non-divine casters will receive the following buffs:

  • Armor of Faith: 5% damage reduction that lasts for 4 rounds.
  • Chant: no difference, as the spell does not scale with level.
  • Chaotic Commands: the buff lasts for 9 turns (90 rounds).
  • Death Ward: the buff lasts for 7 turns (70 rounds).
  • Shield of the Archons: the buff lasts for 42 rounds and absorbs a total of 7 spell levels (though it will absorb spells of any level as long as there are spell levels left).

As you can see, the biggest loss is in terms of Armor of Faith damage reduction and duration, with the other effects remaining considerably useful.

Finally, divine casters may find it useful for a few reasons:

  • Shamans may want to use it so they don't have to select any of those spells when leveling up.
  • Druids, Rangers, Paladins and Shamans may want to use it so they can cast spells that they normally can't access (Chant for Druids/Rangers/Shamans, Chaotic Commands for Rangers/Paladins, Death Ward for Rangers and Shield of the Archons for Rangers/Paladins).
  • The cloak allows a character to get buffs while shapeshifted or when otherwise prevented from casting, such as under the effect of the Priest of Helm's Seeking Sword ability.


Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition[]

  • Heretic temple (Rasaad's quest) - Rewarded for completing the Trial of Penance