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The Clay Golem Manual is manufactured from the Golem Manual and restored by Cespenar in the Pocket Plane (area) during Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal portion of the game.


The restored page explains how to use the manual to temporarily conjure a servant of molded clay which will obey the creator without question. The user needs a minimum Intelligence of 16 to understand the contents.


To restore the Golem Manual, the party must speak with the Imp Cespenar and have the Clay Golem Page in their possession, and 5,000 gold.

Once per rest cycle this manual may be read. The tome is placed in a character's "Quick item" slot (such as where a wand or scroll is placed), and then the player selects the manual and triggers the power of the item.

Next, place a targeting cursor within 30 feet of the character to designate where the golem will appear on the map.

A summoning animation plays at that location, and a few moments later a golem appears, in the prone position, and then it stands, ready to obey commands.

The golem lasts for one turn, and when time expires, disappears from the map.

The manual recharges and can be used again, after a standard 8-hour rest period.

This manual can be restored even further by the imp with the Stone Golem Page and the Juggernaut Golem Page.

Clay Golem Description[]

See the Clay Golem (Manual) page for stats and description of the summoned creature from this manual.

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