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Disambiguation icon This page is about the classes in Baldur's Gate III. For the classes in the Bioware and Beamdog games, see Classes.

A character's class is the main factor in determining their capabilities and role in Baldur's Gate 3. It affects nearly all aspects of the rules: the weapons and armor they may use, whether they may cast spells, and which spell books they use. The class also grants special abilities, passive effects, and defines which benefits they gain with level advances.

There are twelve classes, each of which has three or more subclasses that further alter the character's capabilities. Unlike previous games, there are no race restrictions — all classes are available to all races.

Each class has two saving throw proficiencies, for example Dexterity and Charisma, which adds the character's proficiency bonus to any saving throws using that ability score.

List of playable classes[]

Playable Classes
Icon Class Primary Ability Saving Throw Proficiencies Subclasses
BG3 Class-Barbarian small Barbarian Strength Constitution, Strength
  • Wildheart
  • Berserker
  • Wild Magic
BG3 Class-Bard small Bard Charisma Dexterity, Charisma
  • College of Lore
  • College of Valor
  • College of Swords
BG3 Class-Cleric small Cleric Wisdom Charisma, Wisdom
  • Life Domain
  • Light Domain
  • Trickery Domain
  • Knowledge Domain
  • Nature Domain
  • Tempest Domain
  • War Domain
BG3 Class-Druid small Druid Wisdom Intelligence, Wisdom
BG3 Class-Fighter small Fighter Strength Constitution, Strength
  • Battle Master
  • Eldritch Knight
  • Champion
BG3 Class-Monk small Monk Dexterity Strength, Dexterity
  • Way of the Four Elements
  • Way of the Open Hand
  • Way of Shadow
BG3 Class-Paladin small Paladin Strength Wisdom, Charisma
  • Oath of the Ancients
  • Oath of Devotion
  • Oath of Vengeance
  • Oathbreaker[1]
BG3 Class-Ranger small Ranger Dexterity Strength, Dexterity
  • Beast Master
  • Gloom Stalker
  • Hunter
BG3 Class-Rogue small Rogue Dexterity Intelligence, Dexterity
  • Thief
  • Arcane Trickster
  • Assassin
BG3 Class-Sorcerer small Sorcerer Charisma Constitution, Charisma
  • Wild Magic
  • Draconic Bloodline
  • Storm Sorcery
BG3 Class-Warlock small Warlock Charisma Wisdom, Charisma
  • The Fiend
  • The Great Old One
  • The Archfey
BG3 Class-Wizard small Wizard Intelligence Wisdom, Intelligence
  • Abjuration
  • Evocation
  • Necromancy
  • Conjuration
  • Enchantment
  • Divination
  • Illusion
  • Transmutation


Multiclassing is an advanced option that allows a character to have two or more classes. This can lead to powerful combinations, but at the expense of higher level class features.

When a character levels up, the player can choose to add another class instead of leveling up their original class; this is done by selecting the "Add Class" option on the Level Up screen. The character retains all the weapon proficiencies, spells, etc of their original class, but further progress in that class is halted.

For example when a level 4 Fighter levels up, they can either become a level 5 Fighter, or add the Bard class to become a level 4 Fighter + level 1 Bard.

There are no restrictions on combinations of race and classes. However it is advisable to use combinations that work well with the character's Ability Scores.


  1. The Oathbreaker subclass is not selectable; it is imposed on Paladins who violate their oath.