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Chremyis a thief who is a partner with the Brothel operation run by Galvena in the Pirate town of Brynnlaw.

Keep movin', friend. I don't have time to talk. I'm waiting for my... employees.


Chremy is involved with various seedy criminal pursuits in town, and he has put Ginia and Ason to work, against their wishes, and in an exploitive and abusive manner. Ginia is forced to work the streets of Brynnlaw as an unpaid prostitute, and Ason has been browbeaten to commit petty larceny for the unsavory pimp.

More on this situation is covered in the Island concerns: Ginia's tale page.

Should the party decide to confront Chremy about this, then it will most likely be a swift and final action. No tears will be shed for this evil scum.

Note: The creature file stats and abilities are really not consistent with the game's rules. It could be a bug, or an oversight, or perhaps not. Chremy actually gets a penalty to strike with his weapon.


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Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod assigns a new default SCS Thief default script to Chremy. It also fixes his stats a bit, makes him a level 9 Thief, arms him with a Longsword, and assigns a pip in weapon proficiency and single weapon fighting style. Even so, his thief skills aren't scripted for use, and he will not offer any serious challenge to a party member in combat.