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Chieftain DigDag is an orog who is the leader of the Stuck-in-Craw Clan of orcs that are subservient to the red dragon Firkraag. He is found with a group of hobgoblins near the interior entrance to the dungeon complex that begins with the area called Firkraag's Entrance.

Garh! You early! Troop need kick in arse to get ready! Firkraag be warned, though I think he not care!


Instead of engaging the party in battle when they enter the area, he'll retreat under the cover of having to inform Firkraag that Gorion's Ward has arrived earlier than expected. All he really does is fall back to the room in the dilapidated monastery where Tazok and three orcs are guarding Garren Windspear's kidnapped child.

Note:Although difficult, it is possible to slay DigDag before he departs the area map. It must be done while he's on the move and done rapidly to have a chance of success.

Chieftan DigDag will not attack when departing the Firkraag's Entrance area. Unless killed at some point and even if blocked from moving, will disappear from the map.

However, later in the adventure the party will find him again in Firkraag's Maze where if given the opportunity. will yell some more dialogue, then join the fight against the intruding adventurers.

DigDag is a simple melee fighter, that is heavily armored, and wields a long sword.


Unfortunately, (or fortunately depending on one's viewpoint) the developers assigned a hefty 5 pips in Axe weapon proficiency to the Chieftan - and then provided him a Long sword to fight with, that he is not proficient with.


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Mod content[]

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod revises Chieftan DigDag. The creature's scripts are improved for better tactical behavior. DigDag is now assigned a Berserker kit and has 3 uses of Enrage. He will empower self with this innate ability as the battle begins near the entrance to Firkraag's Hideout.

His weapon proficiencies are now 4 pips in long sword and 2 pips in sword and shield fighting style.

DigDag will quaff two potions during combat including a Potion of Defense and Potion of Power. Along with the Enrage ability, he'll be a formidable foe in melee combat.