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Chase is a nobleman you may encounter near the western cliffs of the Lion's Way, just north of the causeway to Candlekeep (at 1459.2411).

He claims he's about to commit suicide.

Hello... well... I was about to tell you not to come any closer, but that never seems to work, does it? Well, regardless, I should remain true to the genre. Don't come any closer or I'll JUMP! Yeah, you heard me, and I'll do it, too! So... don't come any closer... again. And don't try to stop me!
  • If you tell him to jump, he admits he's not got the guts to do it.
  • If you tell him not to jump, he agrees.
  • If you don't show any concern either way (option 1: "Okay"), he will interpret your nonchalance as faith in his will to live, and leave with a new lease on life.