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Character Creation is the most critical step to start playing the game of Baldur's Gate III. Starting a new game first asks difficulty, then you decide your race, class, starting equipment, and more. The character you create here is the "leader" of the party. You could choose a different origin story, for example selecting Astarion changes certain dialogs, but the main story remains. If you play as an Origin Character, you will not encounter them in the world, they will be the leader of the group. This prevents copies of the same character in the world of Baldur's Gate.


The first step in character creation is to decide whether to create a custom character, or choose one of the premade Origin Characters. If you chose to play an existing character, you will be unable to alter the race, class, background and appearance. You can still modify spells (if any), Fighting Style (if any), ability points, and skill proficiencies. Please note "The Dark Urge" does not follow the same restrictions as other Origin Characters, but rather the "Custom" instead.

This allows the full character creation and modification to create a unique character of, well, your own creation! Allowing you to select race, subraces (if available), class, subclass (if available), background, ability score modification, gender selection, hair, and so much more! The story is from an outside perspective, allowing you to choose your own way of playing the story.
"After two hundred years serving a cruel master, the vampire spawn Astarion is finally free - free to walk in the sun, free to chase power, free to take revenge."
"Lae'zel was raised ready for a life amongst the stars, mercilessly conquering the cosmos as a githyanki soldier. Grounded, she must deal with a world she doesn't understand, and find a way to serve her people in a plane that despises her militant kin."
"Gale's wizarding prowess once earned him the love of Mystra, the goddess of magic, until his ambition led him to the brink of catastrophe..."
"Shadowheart willingly undertook a ritual to remove her memories in order to protect the secrets of her fellow Shar worshippers. Loss and pain are sacred to her, but her faith is now being tested like never before."
"Known as 'The Blade of Frontiers', Wyll uses his magic to fell the monsters and devils menacing the Sword Coast. In a moment of desperation, he accepted an offer of great power, forcing him into in infernal game he is struggling to play."
"Karlach has escaped ten years of service in the hells with nothing but the axe on her back - and the infernal engine blazing furiously where her heart used to be. "
The Dark Urge
"You remember nothing but a path paved with blood. Unimaginable cruelty whispers to you from within. Can you escape it? Would you want to?"
The Dark Urge has a premade story but is fully customizable, including race and appearance. In addition, this character has "dark urges", leading to more complicated situations in which a failed check results in cruel or violent acts.


Main article: Races

In Baldur's Gate III, you can choose from 11 races. Seven of these have two or more subraces, allowing you to further increase your character's unique design and abilities. Each race grants specific weapon armor, and skill proficiencies, as well as race and subraces (if any) features. Selecting a race is permanent, including subraces, after character creation!


  • It is not possible to start as multiple classes, or higher than level one.
  • When playing as an 'Origin Character' other than 'Custom Origin', the game is altered slightly.
  • The narrator's narrations at times change to reflect the character you're playing as.