This page is about the second chapter from the first game of the Baldur's Gate series. For the second chapter of Baldur's Gate II, see Baldur's Gate II Chapter 2.

Chapter Two is the third part of Baldur's Gate's storyline, following the Prologue and Chapter One.

As soon as you arrive in Nashkel, at the local Carnival or – in the Enhanced Edition only – its mines, Chapter Two will begin.

Just as you cross the bridge into Nashkel, you will see the Nashkel Inn where you can rest. The first time you go inside Neira will be there and will attack. Next to the inn is a store where you can buy useful weapons.

After you've done with the inn and the store, speak to Berrun Ghastkill, the mayor of Nashkel. He will ask you to investigate the troubles in the Nashkel Mines south-east of the town. Before you go to the mines, you can go to the Carnival where you can recruit Branwen, a Cleric. Once you reach the mines, talk to Emerson in the mine pit and he will give you permission to enter his mine. Talk to the Amnish Guard at the entrance and he will let you pass if you have spoken with Emerson.

Some of the miners will tell you about the strange goings-on in the mine. From the second level down, you will encounter many Kobolds. Beware of traps on the third level. A thief in your party can detect and remove these traps.

On the fourth level there will be a cave. Enter the cave and you will find Mulahey. You need to kill him and take his holy symbol. Then open the chest in his room and take the two letters plus anything else you want from the chest. As soon as you take the two letters, Chapter Three will begin.

Journal[edit | edit source]

Four changes are made to your Journal as soon as Chapter Two begins:

  1. A new journal page is created for the new chapter.
  2. The companion quests Xzar and Montaron and Jaheira and Khalid, if you have them, are removed from your journal, without the usual quest completion entries.
  3. The previous Important Events entry (Travel to Nashkel) is replaced by the first of the four Important Event tasks for Chapter Two:
    • Speak to the Mayor of Nashkel

      I have arrived in Nashkel. If I am going to look into the iron crisis, I should speak with someone in power who might have useful information for me. Perhaps the mayor will be of some help.

The other three Important Events tasks for Chapter Two are:
4. An untitled entry appears in the Journal section of your journal:
(no title)

With your hurried flight from Candlekeep barely behind you, the troubles facing the Sword Coast seem an unfamiliar blur to your fractured nerves. Gorion would not have you sit idle, however, and perhaps investigating local concerns will shed some light on your own predicament. How the iron shortage or the trouble in the Nashkel mines could possibly be linked to you, you have no idea.

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