This page is about the third chapter from the first game of the Baldur's Gate series. For the third chapter of Baldur's Gate II, see Baldur's Gate II Chapter 3.

Chapter Three is the fourth part of Baldur's Gate's storyline, following the Prologue and previous chapters.

Once you have picked up the letters in Mulahey's chest in the Nashkel Mines, Chapter Three will begin.

When you come back out of the mines, talk to Emerson again and he will congratulate you for your success. Go to Nashkel and talk to Berrun Ghastkill and you will get 1000xp, 900gp and +1 reputation.

Next go to Beregost and enter the Jovial Juggler in the south-east corner of the map. Talk to Officer Vai and she will ask you to sort out the bandit problem. She will buy any bandit scalps you have.

Go to the second floor of Feldepost's Inn on the west side of town and talk to Tranzig. Kill him and take a letter off his body and Bandit Camp will appear on your map.

Now you should go north-east and go to Peldvale or Larswood. Teven and Raiken will be in the respective maps. Talk to either one of them and tell him that you want to join them. You will be taken to Bandit camp and Tazok will interview you. You can then wander about the camp freely. If you came to bandit camp without talking to Raiken or Teven all the bandits, hobgoblins and the Iron Throne members will be hostile and attack. If you got hired by Raiken or Teven, everyone will appear neutral and will only attack if you attack them.

Go to the west of the camp and enter the big tent. No matter how you got to Bandit Camp, Raemon, Venkt, Hakt and Britik will attack you. Kill them all and talk to Ender Sai in the east of the tent and tell him you are not with the bandits. Open the trapped chest and collect the letters and anything else you want. After collecting the letters, Chapter Four will begin.

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