Chapter Thirteen is the final part of the Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear storyline, its Epilogue.

You return to Baldur's Gate under circumstances much darker than anyone would have believed. What should have been a moment of crowning triumph is instead a nightmare beyond your understanding.

Skie Silvershield lies dead, seemingly at your hand. The siege force's clerics are unable to revive her. Her magically preserved body has been transported to Grand Duke Entar Silvershield, who clings to the faint hope that his daughter might someday be resurrected. You share that hope; without Skie, you may never know the truth of what happened that dark night.

Once, you thought yourself free of your father's taint. But as you journeyed to Dragonspear Castle, you realized this was not so. You are a child of Bhaal, Lord of Murder. A piece of him resides in you. Has it grown beyond your control? Was yours the hand that plunged the dagger into Skie Silvershield's breast? You do not know. And that fact haunts you.

When you left Baldur's Gate, people cheered you as the city's hero. Now they look upon you and see something very different.

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