This page is about the fourth chapter from the first game of the Baldur's Gate series. For the fourth chapter of Baldur's Gate II, see Baldur's Gate II Chapter 4.

Chapter Four is the fifth part of Baldur's Gate's storyline, following the Prologue and previous chapters.

Once you have collected the letters from the trapped chest in the big tent in Bandit Camp Chapter Four begins.

If you want you can first go back to the Jovial Juggler and sell to Officer Vai any bandit scalps you have. The next time you talk to her without having any scalps on you she will give you your reward and leave permanently.

If you talked to Ender Sai like you should have done, the first Cloakwood area will appear on your map. Your first task will be to go there. Travel through the first four areas of Cloakwood and you will arrive in the Cloakwood Mines.

Go across the bridge that is closest to you when you arrive. You will be ambushed by two Guards. Go further on and you will be amushed by Drasus and his crew. Keep going eastwards and go up the stairs that lead to the entrance of the mines.

As soon as you get into the mines you will be ambushed by another guard. When you are done with him then go north-east and find the miner that appears to have red skin. Talk to him and agree to get the plug that will allow you to flood the mines, but find Rill first. Go to the second level and fight your way to the exit. Be careful as there are a couple of traps on this level. Before you go down to the third level, open the locked door on the right and Rill will talk to you. Give him 100gp to free all the slaves and get them out of the mines. Yeslick is also there for hiring.

On the third level there will be several hobgoblins to fight. Find your way to the southern most room and the exit should be there.

On the fourth level you will be immediately attacked by another guard. Kill him and go down the south-west passageway. There are four traps down this passageway, two of which will summon Battle Horrors so make sure you remove them. Davaeorn will hail you upon sight. He will teleport around the level a fair bit. Once he is dead, Chapter Five will begin. Make sure you pick up the Key to River Plug off his body.

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