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Chaos is a chaotic evil spirit that can coalesce and manifest into a Mist creature. It is encountered as part of the Druid stronghold quest line. It will be encountered on the outskirts of Trademeet and cajoled forth from the boy Loren.

Druid, you play a dangerous game! Chaos will destroy you!

— Chaos


The party druid will be assigned a task by the Spirit of the Grove to help Loren exorcise an intruding spirit from his mind. The party will find Loren in the southern outskirts of Trademeet. Speak with the boy. Through force of will and dialogue, force the spirit to engage.

When asked, "Why do you torment this boy?" the fell spirit replies,

"He is ours! Cursed Marek thought to fight us but we are the Dark Power, the Eternal Power of nature's chaos. We cannot be defeated! They boy will not follow in Marek's footsteps! Feel true power, druid!"

Once the spirit has been forced to reveal itself from Loren's mortal frame, the spirit swirls and forms into a creature of pure evil and entropy. The party must now defeat it by physical or magical means and destroy it.

In battle, the monster will engage in melee combat if any near to close quarters combat with it. Be careful of its Level drain attack.

The Chaos creature will attempt spell casting, as noted in the scripted spells listed in the InfoBox. All of those will be attempted sequentially. Spell casts and melee attacks might be occurring in the same round due to scripting.

Attention to the immunities and regeneration rate of this opponent - see the InfoBox.

As this creature has equipped the Boots of Phasing, during a battle it will exhibit an erratic and frequent jumping around the map to different opponents. Consistent with the creature's name, it is very chaotic. These boots aren't dropped or obtainable if the monster is destroyed.


Not a Bug per se, but the creature uses a Fighter/Mage script for its spell casting use - however, the creature file has no mage class experience level assigned. This is not ideal and can lead to less-than-optimal spell potency for the monster.

The creature has an always on Blur animation, but it isn't an actual Blur spell effect, it is just for visual purposes.

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Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems Mod makes some changes to this creature. A new default Fighter/Mage script is assigned with a "Smarter Mage AI. SCS changes the creature's class to Fighter/Mage with a level 12/12 experience level. A different memorized spell book is available to the monster.

When it becomes hostile the following instantly cast spells are launched: Mirror Image, Haste, Minor Globe of Invulnerability, Spell Deflection, Shield (spell), Stoneskin and Protection From Magical Weapons.

With a F/M class, the creature has a modestly improved THAC0, and Attacks per round. SCS also furnishes the creature with a small Fire damage and Electricity damage resistance. Also, as a Fighter it gets a constitution HP bonus to 128 HP.

Expect a Remove Magic, Chain Lightning, Melf's Acid Arrow, and many other spells during this fight.