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Chant is a 2nd level priest spell only usable by clerics and paladins. It acts as a dual-purpose buff and debuff, granting numerous bonuses to allies and imposing numerous penalties on enemies.


By means of the Chant spell, the priest brings special favor upon [themselves] and [their] party, and causes harm to [their] enemies. When the Chant spell is completed, all the priest's allies within the area of effect gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls, minimum damage/healing rolls, and Saving Throws. Furthermore, damage dice for all effects outside a weapon’s base damage is reduced by 1. For example, a 6d6 fireball will do 6d5 damage, and an arrow of fire that deals 1d6+2 piercing plus 1d6 fire damage will deal 1d6+2 piercing plus 1d5 fire damage instead. The priest's enemies suffer the opposite effects.

Multiple chants are not cumulative.


  • When Chant applies to a friendly party member, it grants the following effects:
    • -1 bonus to all saving throws.
    • A special +1 bonus to weapon damage and attack rolls. This bonus increases those rolls, but will not exceed their normal maximum. For example, a character wielding a long sword will normally deal 1-8 damage; that same character under the effect of Chant will deal 2-8 damage. As such, these bonuses are not shown on the inventory screen, since they only apply when the attacks are calculated.
    • A unique damage reduction effect that applies to incoming spells and extra weapon damage. This bonus decreases the rolls of attacks made against the character, but will not exceed their normal minimum. Using the spell description's example, ordinarily a Fireball spell can roll 1-6 for each dice used; when cast against a character under the effect of Chant, it will roll 1-5. This does not apply to normal/fixed weapon damage (for example, a Long Sword +2 will not have its damage reduced).
    • Note that these effects are identical to those of the Luck status effect, and they may stack together. See also the 2nd level wizard spell Luck.
  • When Chant applies to an enemy, it imposes inverse effects:
    • +1 penalty to all saving throws.
    • -1 penalty to weapon damage and attack rolls, same rules as above.
    • Increases the damage of incoming spells and extra weapon damage, same rules as above.
    • Note that enemies are offered no saving throw to negate the effect, but may avoid it through Magic resistance.
  • Internally, Chant casts two spells; one that affects party members (SPPR203D.spl) and applies the status effect "Chant (non-cumulative) (131)", and one that affects enemies (SPPR203E.spl) and applies the negative status effect "Bad Chant (non-cumulative) (137).

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